Do I Need to Chemical Flush the Condenser on My Air Conditioner?

Series of technician servicing the indoor air-conditioning unit. Spraying chemical to remove deposits.

A chemical flush, or chemical wash, is performed when the usual washing and cleaning of your air conditioner parts does not solve the problems you are facing with your unit. If this is the case, we would suggest a chemical flush or chemical wash at some point.

What Happens During the Chemical Wash?

During a chemical wash, your unit is entirely disassembled. This is done so that each part of the unit can be cleaned with the chemical agent. We take each part and immerse it in the chemical to dissolve everything that has accumulated over the years. We also do other maintenance along with the chemical flush to leave you with an air conditioner that runs like new.

We recommend a chemical flush once a year. If you schedule a chemical flush in the spring we will also provide other routine maintenance. It’s almost like killing two birds with one stone, or cooling two rooms with one air conditioner, which you can do if you service it at least once a year.

For more information about chemical flushes and general air conditioner maintenance and please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our expert technicians.

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