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In 1979, Danny Mahaffey and Dan Edwin Mattox were comparing notes about repairing their own televisions, clothes washers, stoves, and other small appliances. It seemed like more and more friends, family members, and neighbors were asking them to come fix this, that, or the other thing. The two of them realized that there weren’t enough reputable, trustworthy service companies in Tupelo, MS. It wasn’t long before they bought a couple of tool boxes for their pickup trucks, rented a building on Joyner Street in Tupelo, and had a friend paint up a sign to hang on the red and white striped building which read “M & M Appliance Service.” Mattox and Mahaffey then set out to make a living by treating people the same way that they would want to be treated.

Growing right along with the business was Edwin’s young son, Scott. After school and during summer break, he could often be found tinkering with washers, dryers, refrigerators, window units, and microwaves in the shop. He considered microwaves to be his specialty. Customers would sometimes come in asking if the “microwave kid” was there. Scott enjoyed the tinkering but eventually he moved off to pursue a college education at The Ohio State University in 1991.

After several years in business, Danny left to pursue other career options so Edwin took full control of the steadily growing venture. Edwin, the sole remaining “M”, had begun to take more and more interest in central heating and cooling systems—how they operated, how and why they failed, and eventually how to properly design and install systems.

In 1997, Scott moved back to the area to help his father run the family business. By this time, demand for the heating and cooling division was rapidly outpacing demand for appliance repair. Two years later, the business was restructured and became legally known as M & M Heating and Cooling.

Our business has undergone vast changes over the years. We no longer work on appliances. Our current facility is over 16,000 square feet and includes a nice clean reception and office area, a sprawling warehouse, an in-house training room where our dedicated group of technicians can hone their skills, and a sheet metal fabrication shop where we design and custom build duct systems. The underlying principles upon which we were founded, however, still guide us. Friends, family members, and neighbors still ask us to come over to fix this, that, or the other thing, and we still strive to make a living by treating people the same way the we would want to be treated.

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